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Each week, from the Business RadioX® studio in Midtown, host CW Hall interviews Atlanta’s top business professionals to learn what makes them the best at what they do.

Airs LIVE on Tuesdays at 10:30am EST.

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Our Featured Shows

pocket and My Professional CFO This week I sat down with Beth Ventura, Founder of pocket, a digital marketing company, and Allan Conner, Founder of My Professional CFO.  If your business is trying to get the word out about your brand and have the greatest ROI for your spend, you should educate yourself about digital … [more]

theLuxAve theLuxAve is an online platform where fashion enthusiasts can search inventory from niche fashion boutiques around the world.  I met Antonio James at the recent Atlanta Startup Awards.  As we chatted about our respective businesses, I knew I needed to have him on to talk about his innovative platform for fans of hard-to-find, boutique-produced … [more]

Cobb County Chamber of Commerce Prepares for 2017 Small Business of the Year Awards VP of Marketing and Communications for the Cobb County Chamber of Commerce, Amy Selby joined CW Hall in the studio to host two of the 2017 Cobb County Chamber of Commerce Businesses to Watch. Chris Arrendale, CEO & Principal Deliverability Strategist … [more]

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