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Conn Jackson of ConnTV


Schwegman and Conn Jackson talk about Toast

Conn Jackson of ConnTV

This week Dave and I sat down with Conn Jackson of ConnTV and InspireOne.  He’s an accomplished motivational speaker, known for his recent seminar “How to Sizzle”, and his talk radio and tv shows on ConnTV.  Conn has interviewed a number of well-known celebrities along they way including, Maya Angelou, Rudy Giuliani, Joel Osteen, Master Shah, Andrew Young, and more.

He left a successful life in the corporate world of finance to put his energy into putting positive energy into the world around him, using his media outlet, ConnTV and shows like Pro v. Conn, and IHeartRadio.  He is working to inspire people to grow beyond their internal boundaries to go from good to great (to coin the phrase).  Prior to his success in business and now in the public media he was diagnosed with some learning challenges as a child and told he should not expect to succeed in high school; that he should perhaps consider vocational training of some kind.  Instead he was blessed with getting his particular learning challenges identified such that he was able to thrive in spite of them, ultimately attending business school at Harvard.

Conn shared several key thoughts that would be useful to anyone listening to this show, be they business professionals or individuals seeking to live a richer, more fulfilling life.  This has been one of our most enjoyable and enlightening shows on personal levels and we’re looking forward to having Conn back again soon.  “It’s all about Toast!”  Listen and SHARE!

Special Guest:

Conn Jackson

  • Harvard graduate, overcoming diagnosed learning challenges
  • author
  • motivational speaker
  • successful radio/TV personality
  • founder, InspireOne


Midtown Business Radio Powers B2B Foward With New Media

Midtown Business Radio

David Schwegman and CW Hall discuss how Midtown Business Radio drives B2B co’s forward with New Media

Midtown Business Radio, Business Radio X Drives B2B, Harnesses Power of Earned Media

New Business Radio X studio affiliates, Dave Schwegman and CW Hall talk about the power of new media in creating relationships and driving B2B companies’ businesses forward.  The internet-based radio station takes on the Big Boys with an elegant approach that harnesses the power of earned media to extend the reach of each guest’s message.  Traditional media outlets focus on monetizing every available moment of air time.  They are also very resistant to giving access to the editorial real estate they have available to Joe Business owner to tell their stories.  Midtown Business Radio gives B2B companies the opportunity to have a forum uninterrupted by commercials, traffic, and news to talk about how they help their clients’ businesses move ahead.  We don’t determine the agenda for the guests nor do we tell them what they’re going to talk about.  Guests don’t pay to appear so the information is real and not “posing” as an interview.

Midtown Business Radio gives a voice to the B2B company that says, “Our product or service speaks for itself!  If only we could talk to THESE 50-100 people our business would go crazy!”  We don’t need to sell anyone on “Hope” by talking about an audience that’s 400,000 strong.  Our listeners tune in specifically to hear OUR GUESTS’ message.  That means when you’re on our network you’re talking straight to the very people your business “Hopes!” hear what you’re saying.  Enough people listen to our content to rank among the Top 1% of all websites based on total traffic and visitor behavior ( and >90% of our shows are made possible through contributions from Atlanta-area B2B companies.  It’s not an infrequent occurrence that guests of a given show walk out talking about getting together to talk business after appearing together on one of our programs.

If you are a B2B company, particularly one that is hyper-local to the Atlanta area, you’re investing in marketing, and you need to talk to hard-to-reach folks to make your business run we want you join us on Midtown Business Radio!  Be our guest and we’ll help you get the word out.  We look forward to hearing from you.


SowGrow Public Relations and Dimensional Solutions Managed IT Services

Talking Public Relations with Stephanie Richards, MA, of SowGrow Public Relations and Managed IT Services with Mike Remy, CEO of Dimensional Solutions Managed IT

PR services IT services

Mike Remy of Dimensional Solutions Managed IT Svcs and Stephanie Richards of SowGrow Public Relations

This week we’ll learn how a good PR expert can help a company get exposure in local and national media outlets that helps expand their brand’s reach and recognition.  Stephanie Richards founded SowGrowPR in 2006 and focuses on B2B businesses in need of getting their stories told.  She has successfully obtained media coverage for numerous clients across a wide range of media outlets including, Sold, and Selling Power, numerous speaking engagements at industry trade shows, and more.

Mike Remy, CEO of Dimensional Solutions Managed IT explains their ala cart menu of service options available to their clients.  This lets the customer choose only the elements of outsourcing they need to achieve the highest level of IT reliability, troubleshooting, help desk services, security assessments, and more.  By providing an in-depth free consultation with their client they are able to identify problem areas and help their client company reduce fixed costs, helping to prevent downtime or catastrophic data loss.  They give the small to medium company the ability to have large company IT performance without an onsite IT department.

Special Guests:

Stephanie Richards, MA, CEO/Founder of SowGrow Public Relations  Linkedin  Twitter 16x16  google-plus-logo-red-265px

  • Over a decade of experience in Public Relations
  • Author of numerous published articles on the topic
  • Numerous accolades from clients and media representatives for her quality of work

Mike Remy, VP, Enterprise Solutions of Dimensional Solutions Managed IT Services  Facebook  Linkedin  Twitter 16x16

  • Over 20 years of experience in enterprise/IT solutions
  • Self-funded, launched and ran his first IT company for 12 years before selling the business
  • Accomplished pilot and photographer