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Frontline Selling Optimized Lead Generation

Frontline Selling

Frontline Selling and Optimized Lead Generation

On today’s show I sat down with CEO/Co-Founder of Frontline Selling, Mike Scher.  He came by to talk about how Frontline Selling got its start after a number of years of highly successful work in enterprise sales.  He shared how he had discovered that his approach to the function of prospecting and lead generation meant that he was consistently getting a high percentage of new First Conversations with his prospective clients, enabling him to close more business than many of his peers.  Mike shares the company’s story and how it got its genesis on their great-looking website this way,

Every business has a story to tell. Our stories are powerful and we want to be able to tell them to people who are interested in buying our products and services. The key to successful selling is being able to tell our stories to more people more often.

The fun part is – that’s the business we’re in. We help our clients get more first appointments with people who are genuinely interested in talking to them – so they can sell more. It’s what we do every day. And we are very, very good at it.

In 2002, two enterprise sales guys, my business partner, Dan McCann and I developed an entirely new approach to getting more meaningful conversations with key decision makers, and launched FRONTLINE Selling, an overwhelmingly successful appointment setting business. That arm of our product platform, now called Staccato In-motion, is still building incredible success stories for our clients today. Our client list is extensive and we’re proudly adding to it every day.

Because of our success, our customers, some of the most respected firms in the world, asked if we could teach their sales teams to do what we do – and we said, sure. So, we developed a solution and the second arm of our product platform, Staccato On-demand, to provide access to all of the knowledge and best practices we use every single day for our clients. We’ve now shared that information with companies across almost all products and industries — and tens of thousands of sales people worldwide.

Every single one of them, transactional sellers or big game hunters, 25 year veterans or newbies just out of college, became better at getting more first appointments with the right people. And, for many, the experience has been a career game changer.

We believe in our customers, and in the services we provide every day. We don’t ask for long-term contracts, so you’re free to cancel at any time. That’s how sure we are that you’ll significantly increase those critical first business conversations.

It really comes down to two simple things: 1) if you believe getting more first conversations with the right people will help you sell more, and 2) if you believe your team can experience the same remarkable results as the thousands before you, then we’d love to have you as our next success story!”

I am very pleased to get to sit down with Mike to talk about what they’re doing at Frontline Selling.  They’re yet another example of the innovative and successful companies that help the B2B space move faster, more efficiently, and help businesses grow.  We have some excellent business solution resources in our community and we look forward to linking them up with folks like those at Frontline Selling.

Special Guest:

Mike Scher, CEO/Co-Founder of Frontline Selling  Facebook  Twitter 16x16  Linkedin  

Frontline Selling


The Small Business Advisor and ActionCOACH Atlanta


The Small Business Advisor and ActionCOACH Atlanta

This week I sat down with Karen Bershad, CEO of The Small Business Advisor, and Jeff Smith, Executive Coach for ActionCOACH Atlanta.  They talked about the consulting, coaching, and educational solutions they offer to the small- to mid-sized companies in the Atlanta area they offer that have proven to help their respective clients grow both top and bottom line revenues.  They are able to achieve these successes by helping the small business owner assess and modify their time management, effectively managing the financial aspects of their business, and focused energy on revenue-generating activities that move their clients’ companies forward.
As Certified Pro-Advisors for QuickBooks, The Small Business Advisor provides installation, training and data management on-site or off-site for small- to mid-sized businesses that utilize the QuickBooks suite of tools to manage their finances.  For companies using the installed version of the software, The Small Business Advisors can access their clients’ system and work remotely when needed.  This makes it easy for The Small Business Advisors to diagnose problems and fix them quickly.  They provide a wide variety of services that are specific to the small business, particularly related to the financial functions/reporting for the small business.  The Small Business Advisor is also a client of ActionCOACH Atlanta, utilizing their business and executive coaching services to improve the way they manage and grow their business.

ActionCOACH Atlanta is the place to go to build your successful business or your successful executive business career and take them to the next level.  The firm is comprised of a team of full-time, dedicated business and executive coaches who have demonstrated a high level of achievement in their businesses and careers.  Each coach goes through a rigorous training process to acquire the proven coaching techniques and methods for helping transfer that knowledge to ActionCOACH Atlanta clients.  ActionCOACH Atlanta helps their clients grow and succeed through a combination of educational offerings and regular check-in discussions with their respective coaches.  Their approach helps their clients improve their business acumen and execution through accountability to an agree-upon plan of action(s).  ActionCOACH Atlanta is committed to the community’s economic health and growth and has a goal of facilitating the creation of over 5000 new jobs in the Atlanta area.  To date, their positive results for their clients have added an additional 273 new jobs due to ActionCOACH client growth.  ActionCOACH is so confident in the level of ROI their clients get as a result of engaging with them that they offer a guarantee for their clients that they will see a positive ROI in less than 2 quarters, making it hard to say, “No,” to taking advantage of this resource.

Special Guests:

Karen Bershad, CEO/Founder, The Small Business Advisor  youtube logo  Twitter 16x16  Linkedin

The Small Business Advisor

  • Certified Intuit QuickBooks Pro Advisor
  • Member, North Atlanta Business Association
  • Independent Associate, LegalShield
  • Focus Group Presenter, North Metro Area REIA

Jeff Smith, Executive Coach, ActionCOACH Atlanta  Twitter 16x16  Linkedin  Facebook  google-plus-logo-red-265px

ActionCOACH Atlanta

  • General Counsel/Chief Administrative Officer, ActionCOACH Atlanta
  • Former General Counsel, SVP HR, Worldspan Technologies
  • MBA Strategic Management, Pepperdine University
  • JD, Law, University of California Hastings College of the Law


Predikto Analytics

Predikto Analytics

This week I sat down with Mario Montag, CEO of Predikto Analytics.  Numerous industries rely upon critical, high-value assets to operate their enterprises.  Predikto solutions harness the power of Predictive Analytics to address operational challenges in Transportation, Oil & Gas, and Manufacturing.  We use any data, including equipment sensor and asset maintenance history, and turn it into actionable insights to reduce asset failures, eliminate surprises and improve operational performance.  All of these industries collect data across their operations from a wide variety of sensors monitoring their equipment.  The challenge for these businesses is the data may be collected and housed in different locations or followed by different departments, preventing the enterprise from seeing it combined into a clear, concise picture that could be used to anticipate equipment failures well in advance of an actual malfunction.  Predikto Analytics leverages the expertise of their skilled analytics experts combined with machine-learning algorithms to do just that with a high degree of accuracy (in many cases exceeding 90% accuracy).

“We start with asking, ‘What problems do you have?  What piece of equipment or asset class is costing you a lot?”

This means a rail company can limit downtime by having necessary parts to repair a high-value asset available to make a quick repair and prevent a catastrophic failure, saving them from huge expense, possible public (or employee) injury, and property loss.  Similarly, a manufacturing company can get early warning of an impending failure with hours, days, or weeks of notice and allow them to be proactive rather then having to shut down an operation for an extended time due to a mechanical failure.  Check out this week’s episode to learn how Predikto Analytics came into being and hear more about how they do the interesting and important work they do.

Special Guest:

Mario Montag, CEO, Co-founder of Predikto Analytics  Linkedin  Twitter 16x16

Predikto Analytics

  • > 15 years of experience developing transformational technology solutions for Fortune 500 companies
  • Former Director, North America Oracle Master Data Management practice
  • MBA, IT, and International Business, Georgia State University J. Mack Robinson College of Business
  • Fluent in Spanish

Becoming a Mental Athlete

Mike Conner

Talking about Becoming a Mental Athlete

This week I sat down with life- and wellness-coach, Michaelene “Mike” Conner.  She works with individuals and companies seeking to improve their mental focus, ability to enact positive change, and overall level of physical health.  The art of well-coaching comes down to creating an environment for substantive and lasting life changes. These shifts in awareness happen through the engagement of collaboration, conversation, exploration and facilitation. It allows an individual to move from a current state of being towards a desired set of goals having to do with mental focus, health, fitness, energy and overall wellness. Conner’s coaching approach becomes the vehicle for guiding an individual to achieve a higher level of awareness and commitment to both physical and mental well-being.


Coach Conner will create a collaborative and co-creative environment in which the individual can explore their beliefs, behaviors, assumptions, visions and goals. She will assist the individual in connecting the dots between who they are and who they want to be, and to take the incremental behavioral steps that will enable them to succeed. Coach Conner is a credentialed health, fitness and mental health practitioner who coaches clients on evidence-based areas of wellness such as:

– Personal/Organizational change

– Physical activity

– Nutrition/Food and meal preparation

– Weight management/Sports nutrition

– Stress management

– Life satisfaction

Conner knows that everyone wants to be well, and everybody desires to be in control of his or her own health. She understands we want more energy to cope with today’s chaotic environment. Yet Conner recognizes that there is an enormous gap between wanting to be well and the everyday reality of living with the physical and mental consequences of our behaviors.

Special Guest:

Michaelene “Mike” Conner, Wellness Coach  Facebook  Linkedin  Twitter 16x16

Coach Conner

  • >25 years experience as life/wellness coach
  • Contributor, American Fitness Magazine
  • former VP, HR
  • Speaks French

Georgia Association for Promotional Products Professionals and Pinnacle Promotions

Georgia Association of Promotional Products Professionals and Pinnacle Promotions

This week, Steve Woodburn, former president of Georgia Association for Promotional Products Professionals and current Relationship Manager for Pinnacle Promotions joined us on Midtown Business Radio.  GAPPP is a not-for-profit regional association formed to promote the highest level of promotional product standards to their members and to provide a fun, positive environment for professional growth and development with education and support.  GAPPP had a very informal beginning in the early 1960’s as the Advertising Specialty Association of Atlanta. Membership was only open to Distributors. In the mid 70’s, they opened membership to suppliers’ reps, who have become an important part of the organization. In 1979, GAPPP was named National Association of the Year and recognized by The Counselor.

In the late 1990’s, the Specialty Advertising Association International changed its name to the Promotional Products Association International. Under the leadership of Lisa Bibb, the SAAGA Board decided to change the name of the Georgia association in 1999. The purpose of the change to Georgia Association of Promotional Products Professionals was to place the association in alignment with the international association; to reflect the changed nature of the promotional products industry, and to emphasize the professionalism of our members.  The annual signature event, GAPPP University (then called ESP), began in 1975. Suppliers and hundreds of salespeople join together each year for a full day of education whereby ten suppliers present 20 minutes sessions showcasing case studies of their products. The ten suppliers are chosen by the membership and change each year. The following day is large traditional tradeshow representing hundreds of suppliers – GAPPP Expo. In 2010, GAPPP members will be able to bring their end-users to highlight the year’s newest products and services.

If you are are an employee of a supplier or a distributor in the promotional products industry, GAPPP invites you to join the association and become a part of an organization with over 200 members committed to the promotional products industry and its growth.

Special Guest:

Steve Woodburn, Relationship Manager of Pinnacle Promotions 

Pinnacle Promotions and Georgia Association of Promotional Products Professionals Twitter 16x16  Linkedin  Facebook  youtube logo  google-plus-logo-red-265px Pinterest  Blogger 2

  • Former President, Georgia Association of Promotional Products Professionals (2000)
  • Previous Board Member, PPAI (2006-08
  • Master Advertising Specialist (MAS) designation for continuing education 2004
  • Former Radio show host/traffic anchor