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Brooke Beach of Kevy on Midtown Business Radio

SoundRiver Advisors

Bo Wilkins of SoundRiver Advisors


I was joined in studio by friend of the show, Bo Wilkins, of SoundRiver Advisors, and Brooke Beach, Co-founder and CEO of Kevy.  I was introduced to Brooke by Bill Plunk, of CimCo Commercial Collections.  After spending several years as a marketing expert, Brooke and some colleagues identified an opportunity to improve on the ecommerce/direct marketing space.

To date, most email automation solutions such as Pardot, SalesForce, and others, focused on the B2B sector, helping businesses increase contact and ultimately, sales, with companies they’re trying to reach.  And, while there have been marketing automation solutions available for B2C/Retail enterprises to similarly leverage email to contact customers to enhance sales, these solutions have traditionally offered limited data that would let that enterprise truly evaluate ROI on a per email basis in dollars and cents.

The Kevy platform integrates with their clients’ existing ecommerce platform via java script that is embedded into the website code.  Once there, it enables Kevy and the customer to track user behavior by where they go on the site, how long they stay, the products and types of products they’re viewing, and whether they buy.  With this information, the retailer is able to display very behaviorally-relevant pop-up information that personalizes the experience and significantly increases conversion rates.

Additionally, the Kevy platform enables very user-specific automated email communications that are relevant to that user’s particular behavioral context.  Combining these technologies results in a dramatic rise in sales from existing customers in the retailer’s database and the ability to get very targeted with discounts and marketing message.  If you are interested in learning more, contact Brooke and her team here.

Special Guests:

Brooke Beach, Co-founder/CEO, of Kevy  linkedin_small1  twitter_logo_small


  • BA, Public Relations; Journalism, University of Georgia
  • Former Co-Director, Windstream Communications SchoolsWIN Program
  • Founder and Chairman of Marketwake

Bo Wilkins, Partner, SoundRiver Advisors  Linkedin    

SoundRiver Advisors

  • Former Executive Managing Director, Wealth Management, Reliance Trust Company
  • Former Partner, Nease, Lagana, Eden, & Culley
  • BA, History & German, Hampden-Sydney College
  • CLU – Chartered Life Underwriter; ChFC – Chartered Financial Consultant; CAP – Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy

Q & A Events

Q & A Events

Suzanne Baugh, CEO of Q & A Events

Q & A Events

A few weeks ago I hosted my friend, Liz Covin, founder of Vivid Salon.  As we talked after the show she told me I needed to meet Colleen Wogan and Suzanne Baugh, of Q & A Events.  On this week’s episode I had the chance to sit down with Q & Q Events’ CEO, Suzanne Baugh.

Suzanne shared how at 14 years old, she went to an Amy Grant concert and, looking around the venue at the set, the crowd, and the excitement that erupted with the launch of the show, that she knew event planning was what she wanted to do.  At the age of 17, she decided to throw her own concert so she booked one of Amy Grant’s back-up singers, secured a sponsor, sold tickets, and put on her first event (and even made a profit).

We talked about the fact that the Q & A Events team views itself as a member of their client’s team, seeking to learn as much as possible about what the goal of the event is, the culture of the client, allowing them to more effectively reflect those details in the execution of the event.

In addition to her work with Q & A Events, Suzanne has also served as president of the Atlanta Gay Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (AGLCC).  We talked about how the organization seeks to serve the LGBT community by providing mentoring, educational offerings, a platform through which to network, and an opportunity to be certified as an LGBT-owned business enterprise.  This certification can open doors to serve as a supplier for numerous government and private enterprises.

Special Guest:

Suzanne Baugh, CEO, Q & A Events  facebook_logo_small3  twitter_logo_small  linkedin_small1

Q & A Events

  • BBA, Music, Belmont University
  • Tuck Executive Education, Dartmouth College The Tuck School of Business
  • Previous VP Administration & Events, TBA Entertainment

Woman Owned Business

business radio

Marie Hunter and Kenzie Biggens join CW Hall on Midtown Business Radio

Woman Owned Business

On this week’s episode I continued my monthly series with NOWaccount.  CFO Archie Jones stopped by to talk about woman owned business.  He introduced us to two female entrepreneurs who are working on disrupting their respective industries.

KRG Oil Company is a family and female owned fuel and petroleum products business.  The company has positioned itself to serve the needs of small to mid-sized clients that require quantities of fuel and petroleum products that are below what larger fuel companies are willing or able to fulfill.  Marie described how she and her father, who had spent numerous years in the fuel business, decided to start their own company together after Marie was laid off from a previous job.

They determined their mission is to provide excellent customer service that goes above and beyond their competitors.  Marie shared how KRG’s corporate  philosophy is to treat all of their customers with professionalism and respect, no matter how big or small the client company.  KRG Oil was started because its founders felt that the fueling industry was missing good and old fashioned “customer service.”

We talked about how Marie and her team want the success of this business to be used as a platform to encourage others to “think outside of the box” and to give back to our community.

Kenzie Biggens explained how her earlier work in the social media arena opened the door to an unexpected opportunity to launch her virtual assistant business, Uniquely Virtual.  She explained how an executive she had been working with on social media services was retiring and suggested she start the business she had been contemplating for some time.

Kenzie got her business started and began to see a true niche and need for virtual assistants, particularly for executives who are serving in a contractor/consultant role.  Eventually, she designed an effective database and client management platform that has empowered her to allow her production partners to work remotely, helping to accelerate scaling and growing the company.

The Uniquely Virtual solution allows executives to gain access to professional assistant services while saving many of the employee expenses that come with employing workers.

My guests shared strategies they have used to help them get a toe hold in their markets and how they chose to distinguish themselves from their competitors, particularly with strict focus on customer service.

Special Guests:

Marie Hunter, President/CEO of KRG Oil Company  twitter_logo_small  facebook_logo_small3  linkedin_small1

KRG Oil Company

  • BA, Journalism and Telecommunication Arts, University of Georgia
  • Previous Internet Sales Manager, Lewis & Sheron Textile Company

Kenzie Biggens, CEO/Founder of Uniquely Virtual  twitter_logo_small  linkedin_small1  facebook_logo_small3  google-plus-logo-red-265px

Uniquely Virtual

  • MFA, Luxury and Fashion Management, Savannah College of Art and Design
  • Committee Member, Atlanta Regional Commission, Strategic Implementation Innovation Subcommittee
  • Member, Board of Directors, ArtsATL