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pocket and My Professional CFO


Alan Conner and Beth Ventura

pocket and My Professional CFO

This week I sat down with Beth Ventura, Founder of pocket, a digital marketing company, and Allan Conner, Founder of My Professional CFO.  If your business is trying to get the word out about your brand and have the greatest ROI for your spend, you should educate yourself about digital marketing.

As the pocket team says, “To gain new customers, you only have a moment to attract their attention. Tablets, mobile, social, email are all the tools in the palm of their hands in which you must reach and resonate, quickly. You just have a moment. Are you in their pocket? 

We are pocket.  We are a team of experienced digital and traditional marketers with years of success.
We are passionate about our work. We ask questions to hone in directly to the right need for any challenge. We are focused on results. We are the team you need in your pocket.”

Alan Conner is a certified wealth advisor and a public accountant and co-founder of My Professional CFO and NovaPoint Capital.  His firm provides fractional CFO services for small- to mid-sized businesses, including my own.  Alan and his partner, Joseph Sroka, are able to handle the financial needs of a business to maximize retained revenue through effective and legal tax strategy as well as through wealth management services.




Antonio James discusses theLuxAve


theLuxAve is an online platform where fashion enthusiasts can search inventory from niche fashion boutiques around the world.  I met Antonio James at the recent Atlanta Startup Awards.  As we chatted about our respective businesses, I knew I needed to have him on to talk about his innovative platform for fans of hard-to-find, boutique-produced clothing.

Think of an aggregator that makes finding a great deal on travel possible by pulling data from a wide range of sites into one interface.  theLuxAve works in a similar fashion, alerting users to availability of styles and sizes from boutiques across the country in a single portal.

Antonio is actively seeking partnership with funding sources that will help him get his platform to the market. Contact:

404-263- 5057


Cobb County Chamber of Commerce Prepares for 2017 Small Business of the Year Awards

Cobb County Chamber of Commerce

Joshua Wikoff and Chris Arrendale

Cobb County Chamber of Commerce Prepares for 2017 Small Business of the Year Awards

VP of Marketing and Communications for the Cobb County Chamber of Commerce, Amy Selby joined CW Hall in the studio to host two of the 2017 Cobb County Chamber of Commerce Businesses to Watch. Chris Arrendale, CEO & Principal Deliverability Strategist of Inbox Pros, and Joshua Wikoff, Practice Manager for Peachtree Hearing.

Inbox Pros is your partner in email deliverability and improving overall inbox placement.  To this effort,
we assist in evaluating mailing infrastructure, DNS authentication, IP and domain reputation, list quality and permissions, domestic and international compliance, message content, and delivery tracking. Some of our services include deliverability audits, ISP remediation, 24/7 monitoring, IP warming plans, and industry updates. Inbox Pros works with clients of all shapes and sizes, including both B2B and B2C senders.

Inbox Pros also offers deliverability certification courses for both beginner and advanced senders –
( atlanta). Our case studies show some of our recent client
successes – ( Inbox Pros also developed an automated email
deliverability monitoring, alerting, and reporting service that provides email marketers with daily details
about IP and domain reputation.

This innovation includes daily, weekly, and monthly automated deliverability bounce reporting. The monitoring tool sends out daily emails with reputation metrics and Guest Information detailed deliverability data for each IP and domain we monitor. The goal is to triage any current email deliverability issues, and correct any issues found, to keep emails flowing to the recipient’s inbox.

Peachtree Hearing is Atlanta’s premier hearing boutique. Led by Audiologist Dr. Melissa Wikoff, the staff at Peachtree Hearing believe that your hearing care should be a superior experience that offers you the comprehensive treatment required to properly address your specific needs. To ensure this, Peachtree Hearing uses the latest technology, scientifically proven techniques, and compassionate personalized care to treat each of our patients.

In addition to ensuring our patients have good overall hearing health, Peachtree Hearing also specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of dizziness. Dizziness is typically due to disorders of the inner ear, a field in which Dr. Wikoff specializes. Dizziness is actually a very common reason for adults to see an Audiologist.  Left untreated, dizziness can be a debilitating illness, but with the correct diagnosis inner ear disorders can be managed and treated. Dr. Wikoff can diagnose and treat the inner ear disorders leading to dizziness and help you feel healthy again. ​

AGLCC Hosts Tyler Ogburn Photography and KEYLAY Design


Emma Foulkes, Kyle Strahl, Bruce Logue, Tyler Ogburn

Tyler Ogburn Photography and KEYLAY Design

This week, co-hosts Emma Foulkes of Greenwood Wealth Management, and Bruce Logue, of Common Ground Real Estate, and members of Atlanta Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (AGLCC), were joined in the studio by Tyler Ogburn of Tyler Ogburn Photography and Kyle Strahl, of KEYLAY Design.

Tyler Ogburn shared how he developed a passion for capturing images of people when he was young, ultimately deciding to make a career in photography.  Ogburn’s website describes his work this way, “The images you and I create will always have an upscale fashion flair. These are techniques and styles I crafted from my experience living in incredible cities around the world: from Melbourne, Australia to New York to Atlanta. My style can be described as high-contrast and dynamic with a coy play between shadow and light.

KEYLAY Design describes their firm, “KEYLAY is a full-service, Atlanta graphic design agency that specializes in big ideas for small businesses. Those ideas are produced by an expertly crafted team built on innovation, experience, reliability and passion for creative work. Together, we deliver an experience to our clients based on several principles…”

Emma Foulkes recently rebranded her wealth management firm to Greenwood Wealth Management.  Greenwood Wealth management is a merging of different individual companies and financial advisors who have come together to be the beacon of light in the murky waters of the financial industry. Said Foulkes, “We get in the face of the industry when they try to work in the gray areas of putting their best interest above the needs of the clients. At Greenwood our clients come first.”

Bruce Logue talked about the new realty office he became part of, Common Ground Real Estate.  Bruce explains, “I have a true passion for real estate and I’m never too busy to help you find your way home! Prior to entering the real estate profession, my focused on marketing implementation and fulfillment. I have also engineered processes to enhance customer satisfaction for various businesses in the financial services and utility industries. I’m active in many business associations throughout the Greater Atlanta area and considers myself a professional networker. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, I also lived in the St. Augustine, FL area for 20 years before relocating to Atlanta in 2006 and deciding that I’d finally found my way home.”


CopernicusMD Reducing Cost of Claims Processing and Increases Collected Revenue 15%+


Don O’Neill

CopernicusMD sponsored in partnership with MAG

Dr. Ellen Shaver is the chair of CopernicusMD. After 25 years as a board-certified neurosurgeon,

Dr. Shaver knew there had to be a better way to manage practice cash flow, patient billing

notifications, carrier approvals, and collections. Her desire to enhance practice operations as well

as the patient experience led her to form CopernicusMD.

Don O’Neill is the executive managing director of CopernicusMD. Don is responsible for the

execution, launch and roll-out of the CopernicusMD platform in the private practice and facility

and public and government services sectors. He has a wealth of experience in both consumer-

facing technology solutions and project management. Don previously served as the general

manager of CreditMiner LLC, where he successfully launched a cutting-edge platform for

consumer credit in loan transactions and enabled the company to obtain full reseller status with

the three major credit bureaus.

The cost of medical procedures and insurance-related expenses continues to rise. Patients are

increasingly expected to pay a larger sum of money at the time procedures are performed. More

than 60 percent of employed Americans are unprepared for an out-of- pocket expense of $5,000

or more. The market for financing in medical procedures continues to evolve with new lenders

entering the space each year. Each lender has a very specific credit profile which they seek from

potential patients/clients. Managing these options is time consuming and frustrating for both the

provider and the patient.

CopernicusMD queries a patient’s ICD-10 codes against their insurance to determine how much

they will be responsible to pay out-of- pocket. It offers qualifying patients the option of financing

their medical expenses. CopernicusMD (instead of practice staff) takes on the responsibility of

managing the billing and collection of those payments. CopernicusMD pre-qualifies patients for a

loan if they need one. It also matches patients with lenders. CopernicusMD is not a collection

agency; it is a finance solution.

Go to or call 877.356.4712 or send an email to for details.