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Mountain View Group and My Professional CFO

Midtown Business Radio

Alan Conner and Thom Gonyeau talk integrity

Mountain View Group and My Professional CFO

This week we continued our bi-weekly series with Life University’s Dr. Gilles LaMarche, focusing on business leaders who exemplify integrity, in a lead-up to Life University’s LIFEtalks World Congress, May 12-13, discussing integrity for life with a number of well-known speakers on the subject.  We were joined in the studio by Thom Gonyeau and Alan Conner, of Mountain View Group and My Professional CFO, respectively.

I met Alan a few weeks ago in the hall of our office building.  After learning about how he helps physicians, I knew we needed to have him stop by to talk about it.  In addition to providing basic accounting/payroll functions, Alan also helps physicians develop effective, legal tax strategies, including self funded insurance plans to reduce their tax burden and risk at the same time.

Alan shared the story of a family member, an ER physician in Florida.  He explained the fact that his family member, as do many physicians, work as 1099 contractors for the respective practice they serve.  In this relationship, the doctor receives a gross paycheck with no tax withheld.

In this situation it is vital for the provider to plan for their tax obligation and pay it in a timely fashion (at least quarterly) or they face between 5-10% penalties, which can quickly add up to significant amounts, based on the numbers they’re working with.

Alan explained several options available to physicians that work as 1099 contractors, including self funded insurance plans, pension plans, SEP IRA’s, and others, that will help them preserve their hard-earned revenue for later while protecting them from risk such as loss of medical license should that occur.

It’s clear after speaking with him that it is advisable for our colleagues in the community to partner with experts such as Alan to develop a solid plan for managing their tax obligations as well as helping to secure their financial future.

I met Thom Gonyeau ~five years ago.  Equal parts right-brain and left-brain, he’s an operational guru.  He works with clients to solve their business needs.  Thom is an avid photographer, tennis player, runner, and writer. H had his first brush with fame at age 8, when his poem “Things That Are Beautiful” was published in Highlights magazine.

We talked about the media production work he and his team execute to help their clients, which includes the likes of GE, Coca Cola, and numerous other well-known enterprises, tell the story of their brand both internally and externally.  Thom draws on his love of writing and his curiosity to get to know his clients very well and then be able to craft engaging, award-winning media productions across a variety of platforms to share it with the target audience.

Special Guests:

Dr. Gilles LaMarche, DC, VP of Professional Relations at Life University  youtube logo linkedin_small1  twitter_logo_small-e1403698475314  facebook_logo_small3  smugmug LOGO

Life University

  • Doctor of Chiropractic, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College
  • Author, The ART of Responsibility, Insight Publishing 2012
  • Certified Six Advisors Coach, Six Advisors Coaching Academy
  • Previous Vice President, Parker College of Chiropractic

Alan Conner, CEO, My Professional CFO  twitter_logo_small-e1403698475314  facebook_logo_small3

My Professional CFO

  • MBA, Finance, Nova Southeastern University
  • Previous Investment Banker, Orosey & Pepe Capital Markets
  • Former Investment Manager, Arduus Asset Management

Thom Gonyeau, CEO, Mountain View Group  twitter_logo_small  facebook_logo_small3  linkedin_small1

Mountain View Group

  • MA, Communications, The College of Saint Rose
  • Chair, Board of Trustees, Creative Education Foundation


The Ice Box and Encore Recycling

Business Radio

Gary Blase and Jordy Gamson talk shredding autos and effective brand marketing

The Ice Box and Encore Recycling

Guest co-host, Bo Wilkins from SoundRiver Advisors sat in with me as we interviewed one of the founders of The Ice Box, Jordy Gamson, and his good friend, Gary Blase, of Encore Recycling.  Learn how valuable the right promotional product can be for keeping your company top-of-mind for your customers.  And, learn about technology that can grind a car—yes, a CAR, into bits in 8 seconds.

Check back soon for more info!

Special Guests:

Bo Wilkins, Partner, SoundRiver Advisors  Linkedin    

SoundRiver Advisors

  • Former Executive Managing Director, Wealth Management, Reliance Trust Company
  • Former Partner, Nease, Lagana, Eden, & Culley
  • BA, History & German, Hampden-Sydney College
  • CLU – Chartered Life Underwriter; ChFC – Chartered Financial Consultant; CAP – Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy

Jordy Gamson, CEO/Co-founder, The Ice Box  Twitter  LinkedIn  Facebook  Pinterest  instagram-logo-transparent-png-i11 (16x16)  

The Ice Box

Gary Blase, Managing Member of Encore Recycling  facebook_logo_small3  linkedin_small1 

Encore Recycling


Expand a Brand

Expand a Brand

Weinstock Immigration Lawyers

Expand a Brand

This week I hosted Karen Weinstock, of Weinstock Immigration Lawyers and Adrian Queenan, founder and CEO of Expand a Brand.  Adrian and his team created the familiar tear-shaped banners you see at conferences, sporting events, and festivals.  Expand a Brand is a South African-based company that recently launched a US location.

Both Karen and Adrian immigrated to the states and launched businesses here.  Karen shared her personal story of the challenges she experienced when she was going through the process of working to get a visa, establish her credit, get an apartment, securing work, etc.  It was during this time she decided she would direct her work to helping immigrants who followed after her.

Adrian talked about how they had been doing business in the US for a number of years through a local distributor.  They ultimately decided they would create a US-base of operations to supplement their original location.  He described how he researched numerous immigration attorneys prior to applying for the necessary visa.

They chose the Weinstock Immigration Lawyers to give them guidance through the assistance and were successful in getting established in the US and have been growing their business since.  Adrian talked about how his company provides a variety of tents and banners for use at any sort of event.  And they provide a product that is designed to stand out visually to help their customers present their brands effectively in busy event venues.

Special Guests:

Adrian Queenan, Founder/CEO of Expand a Brand  facebook_logo_small3  youtube logo  twitter_logo_small  google-plus-logo-red-265px  linkedin_small1

Expand a Brand

  • B Comm, Commerce, University of the Witwatersrand
  • Previous Supply Chain Manager, Tiger Brands
  • Former Sales & Marketing Director, Dell
  • Speaks English and Afrikans

Karen Weinstock, Founder/Managing Attorney, Weinstock Immigration Lawyers  linkedin_small1  twitter_logo_small  facebook_logo_small3

Weinstock Immigration Lawyers

  • LLB, Law, Hebrew University, Israel
  • Author, H1b Visa Book 2009
  • Former Managing Attorney, Siskind Susser PC
  • Fluent, English Hebrew
  • Professional-Working Proficient, Spanish

Creative Circus, BBDO, Escalate, and Coca-Cola

creative circus

Creative Circus, BBDO, Escalate, and Coca-Cola

This week my guests included experts from Creative Circus, BBDO, Escalate, and Coca-Cola.  The focus of our discussion was centered around marketing/brand awareness through creative campaigns and experiential/word-of-mouth marketing.  And we started by sharing the story about Creative Circus, an Atlanta-based creative school that recruits top creative arts students from around the country to continue their education and professional development in their 2 year program.  A key feature of Creative Circus is not simply teaching creative arts/ad creation skills.  Rather, Creative Circus also teaches the students fortunate to attend how to market themselves in the interview/application process and how to build a professional, well-constructed portfolio of work.  With the combined quality of instruction in the creative process and portfolio development, the Creative Circus’s graduates have a high rate of placement with creative agencies upon graduation.

The Creative Circus collaborates frequently with such well-known firms as BBDO, the globally-known creative agency responsible for innumerable high-profile ad campaigns as seen during the Super Bowl, on our TV’s daily, and across the spectrum of media forms.  Debbie Lindner, SVP and Chief People Officer stopped by to talk about how the agency will sometimes refer candidates who are seeking to work with BBDO to the Creative Circus for additional experience and development of their book of work.  She talked about the fact that Creative Circus graduates clearly come out of the program prepared and ready to contribute to creative campaigns with a high level of ability.

Stu Sheldon of Escalate joined the conversation to talk about how Word of Mouth earned media adds an additional layer of engagement on top of well-planned, quality creative campaigns to boost effectiveness of brand campaigns.  He introduced us to a frequent client, Zakia Holland, a Director of Brand with Coca-Cola (a personal favorite brand of mine).  We talked about a number of experiential marketing campaigns Coca-Cola has employed to reach new customer bases such as those in the younger generations and when they launch new brands into the market place.

The Coca-Cola Company is the world’s largest beverage company, refreshing consumers with more than 500 brands. The Company and its bottling partners are dedicated to “2020 Vision,” a roadmap for doubling system revenues this decade, focused on five key areas—profit, people, portfolio, partners and planet.  The Company has the strongest portfolio of brands in the nonalcoholic beverage industry – now featuring 20 brands that generate more than $1 billion USD in annual retail sales.
Special Guests:

Katie Harmon, Marketing Manager of the Creative Circus  facebook_logo_small3  twitter_logo_small  linkedin_small1  youtube logo  google-plus-logo-red-265px  instagram-logo-transparent-png-i11 (16x16)  Pinterest-logo

Creative Circus

  • BA, Art History, Criticism, and Conservation, Georgia College and State University
  • Previous Representative and Event Coordinator, Coverdell Institute
  • Former Self-Expression Coordinator, Carrera Model Program
  • Hope Scholarship recipient, Weir Wells Study Abroad recipient

Debbie Lindner, SVP, Chief People Officer of BBDO Atlanta  linkedin_small1  twitter_logo_small  facebook_logo_small3  youtube logo

BBDO Atlanta

  • BA, Psychology and Finance, Missouri State University
  • 25 years of leadership roles with BBDO Atlanta
  • Board Member, BBDO Atlanta
  • Member, National Association of Professional Women

Stuart Sheldon, Chief Advocacy Officer at Escalate  Linkedin  Facebook  Twitter  vimeo logo  youtube logo  instagram-logo-transparent-png-i11 (16x16)


  • BA, English and Journalism, Washington and Lee University
  • Former Senior Brand Manager, Coca Cola Company
  • Founder and Former Evangelist Prime, ConnectUs Marketing
  • 2006 Coca-Cola North America Big, Bold & Inspiring Marketing award; Coca-Cola Worldwide Marketing Excellence award finalist

Zakia Holland, Senior Brand Activation Manager at Coca Cola  twitter_logo_small  facebook_logo_small3  youtube logo  flickr  linkedin_small1


  • MBA, Georgia Southern University
  • 9 years in leadership role, Coca Cola
  • Former Senior Account Manager, Ritz Carlton Hotel
  • Avid Runner