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P Marshall and Associates

P Marshall and Associates

Carrie Dimino talks PM&A culture


Brett Davis explains distributed antenna systems

P Marshall and Associates

On this week’s episode I featured long-time acquaintance, Carrie Dimino, and Brett Davis, of P Marshall and Associates, an Atlanta-based engineering firm.  The company initially started with a focus in telecommunications, providing services around antenna systems and other telecom needs.

As their relationships with their clients grew, their happy customers were frequently asking if the firm could provide engineering support for needs in mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and others, prompting P Marshall and Associates to expand their repertoire to include experts in these areas as well.

With Atlanta currently placing focus and energy on becoming a Smart City, and many builders and commercial property owners looking to integrate technology into their buildings, the firm is uniquely positioned to play a key role in helping to achieve these goals.

Brett explained how PM&A is able to design and install distributed antenna systems that integrate with existing structures and architecture as well as new construction.  So, they’re able to make a cellular antenna that becomes part of a light pole, for example, but is essentially unnoticeable.

We also talked about how the company places great attention to the culture of the company.  They have purposefully maintained a low-key, fun work environment to maximize employee satisfaction and creativity.  Carrie shared some of the characteristics the firm is looking for in engineering experts who are looking to join their growing, innovative company.

Special Guests:

Carrie Dimino, Catalyst, P Marshall and Associates facebook_logo_small3  linkedin_small1

P Marshall and Associates

Brett Davis, Director of Wireless Initiatives, P Marshall and Associates  linkedin_small1

P Marshall and Associates