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Bruce Kasanoff

Bruce Kasanoff

This week I sat down with author and social media ghostwriter, Bruce Kasanoff.  I became familiar with Bruce through his frequent featured posts on LinkedIn Pulse.  It was through one of those posts I learned about his book, “How To Self-Promote Without Being a Jerk“.  We talked about how he got into ghostwriting for businesses looking to improve and expand their social media content, as well his two of his books.

Bruce shared how he had spent several years in marketing, becoming somewhat jaded with the process of the status quo of typical marketing methods.  He described how he had been a writer for the paper at Wharton School and how he enjoyed the process of creating well-written content.  We talked about how, as LinkedIn began to develop contributors for Pulse, their public published content platform, he decided to reach out and inquire if he could provide posts.  His inquiry was accepted and, over 300 posts later, he’s a regular feature on LinkedIn.

Bruce described how he was exposed to the concept of Service First while in business school and how that notion really resonated with him.  He enjoyed the opportunity to be able to write about how to incorporate the idea of being a “successful giver” into personal and professional interactions.  We talked about his book (which I really enjoyed) “How To Self-Promote Without Being a Jerk”, which explains how self-promotion is a natural (and necessary) activity we all engage in throughout our interpersonal interactions.

The caveat of doing self-promotion without being a jerk involves the concept of contemplating how you can help the individual(s) you are interacting with in a given moment before engaging in attempts to achieve your more self-serving goals such as “The Sale”.

We discussed his more recent publication, “Givers Deliver: Grow Your Career By Helping Others“.  Bruce talked about how it’s possible to consider the needs of others while at the same time addressing your own needs, resulting in win-win situations and interactions that ultimately end in greater success in your career.

Bruce’s writing style is very conversational and unpretentious and has elements of humor that keep the reader turning the pages.  It’s clear in speaking with him that he embraces the concepts of “How can I help this person?” and being a successful giver in his daily life.  I enjoyed the opportunity to talk to him about his writing and I look forward to digging into more of his works.  You will too!

Special Guest:

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  • MBA, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
  • Former Commissioner, Westport Planning and Zoning Commission
  • Author of multiple published titles
  • Previous Partner, Pepper & Rogers Group