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Experiential Marketing



Experiential Marketing

This week I sat down with experiential marketing expert, Stu Sheldon of Escalate.  Stu spent several years building brands for Coca Cola, including Mello Yello.  Like that refrigerator pack your 12 pack comes in?  Coca Cola introduced that idea and tested it with the Mello Yello brand with impressive success.  Stu shared some excellent information about the difference between paid advertising campaigns and experiential marketing.

In an economy where every dollar counts, companies that are seeking to increase frequency a customer purchases their product or service as well as adding new customers can often gain greater results through an experiential marketing approach.  Stu talked about the fact that even in situations where a company has an advertising agency that has produced creative material, Escalate can collaborate with company and agency to build on what has been created to “Make it come to life”.

Stu explained that while even a small company can benefit from experiential marketing, they typically work with mid-sized to large companies seeking to expand brand awareness.  They have an impressive list of success stories from Coca Cola to non-profit organizations.  Check out this great episode–I think you’ll find it both informative and interesting!

Special Guest:

Stuart Sheldon, Chief Advocacy Officer at Escalate  Linkedin  Facebook  Twitter  vimeo logo  youtube logo  instagram-logo-transparent-png-i11 (16x16)


  • BA, English and Journalism, Washington and Lee University
  • Former Senior Brand Manager, Coca Cola Company
  • Founder and Former Evangelist Prime, ConnectUs Marketing
  • 2006 Coca-Cola North America Big, Bold & Inspiring Marketing award; Coca-Cola Worldwide Marketing Excellence award finalist.