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Predikto Analytics

Predikto Analytics

This week I sat down with Mario Montag, CEO of Predikto Analytics.  Numerous industries rely upon critical, high-value assets to operate their enterprises.  Predikto solutions harness the power of Predictive Analytics to address operational challenges in Transportation, Oil & Gas, and Manufacturing.  We use any data, including equipment sensor and asset maintenance history, and turn it into actionable insights to reduce asset failures, eliminate surprises and improve operational performance.  All of these industries collect data across their operations from a wide variety of sensors monitoring their equipment.  The challenge for these businesses is the data may be collected and housed in different locations or followed by different departments, preventing the enterprise from seeing it combined into a clear, concise picture that could be used to anticipate equipment failures well in advance of an actual malfunction.  Predikto Analytics leverages the expertise of their skilled analytics experts combined with machine-learning algorithms to do just that with a high degree of accuracy (in many cases exceeding 90% accuracy).

“We start with asking, ‘What problems do you have?  What piece of equipment or asset class is costing you a lot?”

This means a rail company can limit downtime by having necessary parts to repair a high-value asset available to make a quick repair and prevent a catastrophic failure, saving them from huge expense, possible public (or employee) injury, and property loss.  Similarly, a manufacturing company can get early warning of an impending failure with hours, days, or weeks of notice and allow them to be proactive rather then having to shut down an operation for an extended time due to a mechanical failure.  Check out this week’s episode to learn how Predikto Analytics came into being and hear more about how they do the interesting and important work they do.

Special Guest:

Mario Montag, CEO, Co-founder of Predikto Analytics  Linkedin  Twitter 16x16

Predikto Analytics

  • > 15 years of experience developing transformational technology solutions for Fortune 500 companies
  • Former Director, North America Oracle Master Data Management practice
  • MBA, IT, and International Business, Georgia State University J. Mack Robinson College of Business
  • Fluent in Spanish