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NOVAtime Technologies

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Brian Mehaary, of NOVAtime Technologies

NOVAtime Technologies

On this episode of Midtown Business Radio, I sat down with Vice President of Business Development for NOVAtime Technologies, Inc., Brian Meharry.  NOVAtime is a Workforce Management Software Company that specializes in providing employers of all sizes access to tools that will enable them to track, monitor, report, and schedule their employee’s time.  These tools are contemporary and adhere to all compliance needs.

Brian explained how time keeping has evolved to be an important component in a cloud of data points from an employee’s work-related activities for an enterprise.  In the old days, an employee walked in, punched a clock or physically signed Time In and Time Out.

Today, signing in and signing out triggers regulated elements such as health benefits, time off accrual, tax requirements, and a host of other business, industry, and/or union rules that come into play that must be accurately tracked and reported upon.

The technology NOVAtime provides meets workforce management demands for a wide range of business sectors from government, to healthcare, manufacturing, oil & gas, and numerous others.  The company is privately-owned and has enjoyed rapid growth over the past few years, due to the consultative approach the company takes (called Sure Path) when bringing a new client on board.  NOVAtime is serving over 16,000 businesses of all sizes and over 1,000,000 employees.

In this way the company is able to identify all relevant workforce-related concerns and geographic issues to be addressed for a disperssed workforce and determine the needed software functions, hardware needs, and relevant apps to achieve the greatest compliance, efficiencies, and strategic decision-making.

Special Guest:

Brian Meharry, Vice President of Business Development, NOVAtime Technologies, Inc.  twitter_logo_small  linkedin_small1  facebook_logo_small3  google-plus-logo-red-265px

  • Former President, CPI-hr
  • Previous President and COO of Mangrove Employer Services
  • Former President, BenefitOne of America

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