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CEB’s CMO Rob Chen Joins TopRight Partners Bill Fasig

transformational marketing

Rob Chen

CEB’s CMO Rob Chen Joins TopRight Partners Bill Fasig

CEB is a best practice insight and technology company. In partnership with leading organizations around the globe, we develop innovative solutions to drive corporate performance. We do this by offering advisory services and technology solutions that equip leaders to turn the right insights into actions that deliver the right outcomes,
upgrade processes and adapt culture to succeed in the new work environment, and apply precision to talent decisions for competitive advantage.


AGLCC Breaks Down 2016

Visionary Services

Emma Foulkes, Tasha Reid, Jack Kinley, Dan Dunlop

AGLCC Breaks Down 2016

I caught up with Emma Foulks and Jack Kinley to talk about what AGLCC accomplished in 2016 as well as what’s in store for 2017.  Former Division I basketball player, Tasha Reid, joined us from Visionary Services to talk about how she has built a business providing services to the Federal government.

Visionary Services is an 8(a) certified, woman-owned, minority-owned business enterprise based out of Atlanta, Georgia. In our six (6) years of facilities support services we have encountered a common goal with all of our customers, the motivation is to frame appealing , flawless project in a time sufficient manner and at the incomparable cost possible.

Visionary dominates with the experience and ability required to be more than aggressive in today’s facilities and support market and to assist you attain achievement in any project. We have made it a mission to serve the community, the government and surrounding industries with a quality expertise that is excellent in all areas of facilities support services.

Dan Dunlop, founder of Dunlop Productions, sat in for Bruce Logue and shared some information about a YouTube interview series he’s going to be doing with Emma Foulkes called, “Timely Talk” and “Sandwich Talk”, aimed at providing insights folks young and old should consider around life and wealth planning.

Cobb County Chamber of Commerce Hosts MeetingAdvice and Smyrna Public Safety Foundation

Cobb County Chamber of Commerce

Amy Selby, Steve Goodman, Ramsey Wagner, Barb Allen

Cobb County Chamber of Commerce Hosts MeetingAdvice and Smyrna Public Safety Foundation

This week Cobb County Chamber of Commerce VP of Marketing/Communications, Amy Selby joined me to host Barb Allen of Smyrna Public Safety Foundation and, Steve Goodman, Managing Director, and Ramsey Wagner Sales Director for MeetingAdvice.

MeetingAdvice is a full service meetings and event management partner specializing in meetings and
events of all sizes including group incentive travel, product training, venue & support sourcing, web-based
registration solutions, user events, and advisory board management. With over 30 years of proven,
successful experience, MeetingAdvice maintains a global network of vendors and partners ensuring your
company receives the benefit of our collaborations, buying power and clout while maintaining the
“hands on”, personalized approach you deserve.

Mainly servicing the corporate industry, MeetingAdvice’s client list spans the Fortune 500 ® list including
companies from the technology, hospitality, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, and retail vectors.
MeetingAdvice manages the full life cycle of events from the seedling of an idea to the post- event
evaluation. MeetingAdvice prides itself on being easy to do business with by eliminating all the work on
your end and offering a large menu of event and creative service from which to customize your program.

The Smyrna Public Safety Foundation encourages and strengthens the partnership between the community and its public safety personnel. The Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life for those who live, work, or play in the city of Smyrna and surrounding communities, and to generate growth within those communities.

AGLCC Hosts Action Cycling Atlanta, Aniz Inc, and Pride School Atlanta

Midtown Business Radio

AGLCC Hosts Action Cycling Atlanta, Aniz Inc, and Pride School Atlanta

We continue our series with Atlanta Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (AGLCC), with Emma Foulkes and Bruce Logue joining me as co-hosts.  The focus of this week’s episode centered on several non-profit organizations and the work they are doing in the community.

Pride School Atlanta, for ages 5-18, is a nonprofit democratic school community that is free of homophobia and transphobia where LGBTQQIA & Ally youth, educators and families come together to create a thriving space where everyone gets to be themselves, regardless of gender identity, gender expression or affectional preference. In addition to our school, Pride School Atlanta, Inc. provides support, networking and training for LGBTQQIA & Ally youth, educators, families, and organizations. We partner with organizations around Atlanta and the U.S. to continue creating a world where ALL may thrive, regardless of gender identity, gender expression or affectional preference.

Action Cycling Atlanta is an all volunteer 501(c)(3) non profit that supports events that are used to raise money in support of AIDS Vaccine Research and other AIDS Supporting Organizations, as well as create awareness about the ongoing epidemic of HIV/AIDS. The money raised through these events is 100% donated to the charities they benefit.

Aniz, Inc. promotes emotional and physical wellness by providing mental health and substance abuse counseling, support services, and sexual health education. We do this work with the overarching objective of reducing risk behaviors in individuals and families affected by sexual health disparities including HIV/AIDS.


Vital Life Health Center Atlanta

Life University

Dr. Guy Riekeman

Vital Life Health Center Atlanta

On this week’s show, TopRight Partners COO and Managing Partner, Bill Fasig, joined me to host Dr. Guy Riekeman, President of Life University.  He stopped in to talk about the Vital Life Health Center Atlanta project Life University is collaborating with to bring their vitalistic wellness expertise and technology to the Midtown community.



ArtsBridge Foundation

Cobb County Chamber of Commerce

Amy Selby, Natalie Barrow

ArtsBridge Foundation

ArtsBridge Foundation, the arts education non-profit outreach of Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre,
has served over 300,000 students from 54 Georgia counties as well as Alabama, Florida, South Carolina
and Tennessee. With a mission to educate, inspire and motivate Georgia’s youth through the arts,
ArtsBridge is committed to providing high quality performing arts experiences for students of all ages.
ArtsBridge programs include Field Trips to Cobb Energy Centre for performances by leading national and
international artists, the Georgia High School Musical Theatre Awards – The Shuler Awards, which celebrate excellence in high school musical theatre programs, master classes and the ArtsBridge FamilyPerformances Series.

This week, Amy Selby of Cobb County Chamber of Commerce and I hosted Natalie Barrow, Director of Arts Education & Community Outreach, for the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre’s ArtsBridge Foundation.  She shared great information about the ways she and her team are working to foster the arts for our community, particularly for our young people.

She explained the value of arts education in overall academic performance, with students who participate in developing artistic expression, skills, and thinking demonstrating higher achievement than peers who do not.  We talked about how the variety of innovative services they offer require significant financial resources to be able to sustain them.

The ArtsBridge is actively seeking partners in the philanthropic community, be it with enterprises or individuals/families, to be able to maintain, and indeed grow the reach and extent of services they can provide.

Special Guests:

Natalie Barrow, Director of Arts Education & Community Outreach, ArtsBridge Foundation  linkedin_small1  facebook_logo_small3  twitter_logo_small  instagram-logo-transparent-png-i11 (16x16)

Cobb County Chamber of Commerce

Amy Selby, VP Marketing & Communications, Cobb County Chamber of Commerce  linkedin_small1  facebook_logo_small3  twitter_logo_small  youtube logo  WP logo

Cobb County Chamber of Commerce


AGLCC Hosts T Mobile, DiOGi Pet Services and Training, Out Front Theatre Company

T Mobile Business Solutions

Emma Foulkes, Paul Conroy, Jasmine Shoemaker, Bruce Logue, Courtney DeDi

AGLCC Hosts T Mobile, DiOGi Pet Services & Training, Out Front Theatre Company

AGLCC’s Emma Foulkes and Bruce Logue host AGLCC Platinum Corporate Partner, T Mobile’s Jasmine Shoemaker and Victoria Mosley, Courtney DeDi, founder of DiOGi Pet Services & Training, and Out Front Theatre Company on this week’s show.

T-Mobile Business is a team of professionals dedicated to helping businesses identify opportunities to run more efficiently and with higher productivity. We are no longer just a wireless company, we are a technology company that listens to customers and address their pain points. Any solution you can think of that you need to positively impact your business we either make or partner with someone who does.

Out Front Theatre Company exists to tell stories of the LGBTQIA experience and community, through theatre and the performing arts, to the greater Atlanta area.  Paul spoke about how the theater got its start, seeking to provide an entertainment venue that would serve the members of this community by presenting works that are relevant and important to them.

DiOGi Pet Services & Training is Atlanta’s premiere dog walking, pet sitting and dog training company.  DiOGi has been in business since 2010 serving the in-town areas of Atlanta. Their specialty is caring for pets with behavioral issues and special needs. Courtney, the owner, is a PetTECH pet first aid and CPR instructor, and the entire DiOGi team is trained by her so we can provide the best and safest possible pet sitting and dog walking experience possible.

DiOGi has 2 CPDT-KA certified dog trainers on staff who work hand in hand with their team of dog walkers and pet sitters to ensure effectiveness on all fronts for their training clients who also utilize DiOGi’s other pet services. The DiOGi team is required to volunteer with pet related non-profits as well as attend educational seminars quarterly so that they can all be the most informed pet care professionals available. From VIP Taxi rides and field trips to daily dog walks and sleepovers, DiOGi is Atlanta’s most trusted company to care for the furry, feathered and scaled babies within the comfort of their own homes and surroundings.

Special Guests:

Paul Conroy, Out Front Theatre Company

Jasmine Shoemaker and Victoria Mosley, T Mobile Business Solutions

Courtney DeDi, DiOGi Pet Services & Training


Talking 3 Key Trends for Healthcare Marketers to Leverage in 2017


Talking 3 Key Trends for Healthcare Marketers to Leverage in 2017

On this week’s episode I sat down with an associate of TopRight Partners, Will Allred, to talk about a recent blog post by TopRight founder, Dave Sutton, where he wrote about 3 key trends for healthcare marketers to leverage in 2017.  We dug into those and Will shared insight into how the marketing leader can tailor their message to best reach their clients in the marketplace and differentiate themselves from

The Midtown Business Radio studio is located within the Atlanta Plaza office suite of TopRight Partners, an Atlanta-based strategic marketing consultancy whose team of experts is focused upon helping the mid-sized to large enterprise better tell its story, employ the most effective strategy around that story, and execute systems that will transform the business for both internal and external clients.

The TopRight Partners website explains one of their core philosophies this way, “No one wants to be interrupted. Or ‘talked at.’ Or ‘sold to.’ We seek authentic. We expect relevant. And we want it only when we are good and ready for it. This calls for marketing to make a change: A change in how customers understand you, engage with you, experience you. This is called Transformational Marketing. This is how you Move TopRight.”